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Augusta Roselyn Spellman, was born February 9, 2015. She is the progeny of Maximillan’s Red Rover (sire) and Chanel Rose (Dam). Both parents and Augusta “Gussie” are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Gussie, is the sweetest most loving of companions and a caring mother to her puppies. Her energetic personality lights up the room and greets you with all the devotion and tenderness she has. We like to say she is “birdie”, to us it means she is ready to be in the great outdoors to hunt and fish, or just wants to point out a neighborhood cat that’s prowling outside the house.  She is an expert at show and tell, and often fetches Austin to show him something of interest that she has spotted. She is positively the Apple of her dad’s eye.

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